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I Need Cheap Ideas To Keep My Kids Happy

Keeping kids happy is always really hard without spending lots of money. Most times if it cheap it normally is very messy. Painting on paper is one of those that it doesn’t cost much but can be really messy and most times it is easyier outside. When it is raining and cold that can make [...]

Games Review

What to do on School Holidays?  Board games might be a great idea.  When you have young kids it can be really hard to find a good game that everyone can play. I have started a games review page on this site.  When I was looking to buy a board game for my 3 and [...]

Play Dough

After making play dough yesterday the kids played for hours. It is so easy and fun to make together. Please go to Bored At Home to get recipe. It only take less then 30 minutes to make and if you had to buy all of the ingredients it would only cost a few dollars. You can also [...]

What to do after Christmas

How quickly did Christmas come and go!  It is always a great time of the year when kids are happy.  We had a great Christmas break and the kids got so many presents from the family.  What do you do when the Christmas season is over, toys have been played with, but the kids are [...]

They’re Driving Me Crazy

So we have school holidays or just a long day and the kids are driving you crazy? One of the ideas that we have done is Caterpillar colouring in!   What do you need? Colouring pencils Paper (the bigger the better) Table or area so they can spread out   So what you do is [...]

Bored at Home with Kids on School Holidays

So you have school holiday’s and you have taken time off to spend time with the kids.  Now what can you do to keep them busy?  They are saying that they are bored at home I have two lists to help with the problem.  One is free and one costs. Nearly Free 1.get some paint [...]

Everyone Is Good At Something – How to Find What You Are Good At

Many people today face two problems. One group is always complaining about not having enough time to get things done, and the other group is complaining about always being bored at home. When people ask: “What to do when bored at home?” There are many solutions like gaining a new hobby, self-improvement, and games when [...]

Monopoly Junior

Monopoly Junior Is a game that has been changed to make it easier for young kids to play. The money value are a lot smaller to help the kids.  The format has also shorted the games length.  You don’t buy property and charge people rent who land on it you buy bumper cars, Ferris wheels and ride the roller [...]